The Story

Inspired by the distinctive lifestyle of the martial artists who train Jiu Jitsu, raiflō was born in San Diego, California.

The practitioners of Jiu Jitsu are dedicated and disciplined. “The Grind” is a common term used by the Jiu Jitsu community to describe the intense day-to-day training and hard work it takes to better ourselves on and off the mat.

The Grind, however, brings to mind something harsh and is limited to what happens on the mat. We have adopted a term that we feel better suits what happens not only on the mat, but in people’s daily lives: “Samurai Flow”.

The flow of movements a person develops during the “Samurai Flow” is like a finger print and unique to each individual. This flow comes from within…!

We believe everyone has a warrior within. The Samurai lives by a code of seven principals that distinguish the leaders from the followers. Today these values can establish our place in the world and who we are in life. As we strive to be the best in every experience we hope to flow as swiftly as the Samurai and live up to this code that guides and motivates us.

Courage to face our inner fears, strength to keep going, the way of the warrior to face the challenges of our modern lives, keeping the tradition alive and using it as a gateway to better ourselves… raiflō from within!

raiflō is a lifestyle brand that personifies these values with authenticity and style, and we want to share the raiflō concept with the world and represent it in our daily lives.

raiflō from within on Vimeo.